How Covid-19 Impacts Tea Users:

We have been getting many questions about how Covid-19 impacts poppy seed tea users. We wanted to share some of the common questions and answers to help during this time of adversity.


Common Covid-19 Questions:

1.  Are you still operating normally during the Covid-19 Pandemic? 

Yes. We are considered an essential business. Our shipments have been going out on time and will continue to do so. Our team is Covid-19 free and we are working in near isolation to keep the risk down. We will continue to operate normally as long as the post office is still making deliveries.

2.  How could Covid-19 impact the health of regular poppy seed tea users?

According the CDC, typical symptoms of Covid-19 include: cough, fever, tiredness, and difficulty breathing. Poppy seed tea is likely to amplify several of these symptoms. Poppy seed tea can cause respiratory depression and Covid-19 is a respiratory disease, so the combination could cause extreme respiratory depression and possibly death. Poppy seed tea can increase body temperature so it could add to a fever. The tea can also make you tired, so you would likely be extremely exhausted if you were to consume it with Covid-19.

3.  What can I do to minimize the health risks?

If you have contracted, or are at risk of contracting Covid-19, we would recommend ramping down your poppy seed tea usage to minimize the potential complications. However, we would not recommend that regular users stop cold turkey. This could lead to withdrawals, and being sick with Covid-19 and having withdrawals sounds like a miserable combination. Please be careful and use responsibly.

4.  I'm thinking about stockpiling, What is the shelf life of poppyseed?

In this environment, it makes a lot of sense to stockpile food, medicine and other necessities. Although we expect to operate normally, you never know what the future holds and many people would be in a bad spot if they were somehow cut off from their poppy seed supply.

Poppy seed has a 2-3 year shelf life when stored in stable conditions. Like other seeds and grains, it can last even longer, but the taste and freshness will likely deteriorate after 2 years. Refrigeration can extend the shelf life a little, but it is not required. Poppy seed is harvested just once per year, so the seed you buy today will be the same seed that will be available in October. However, the supply is likely to diminish and the prices are likely to increase as we get closer to the end of summer, so now is the best time to stock up!