How to Make PoppySeed Tea with a Water or Soda Bottle:

Make Poppy Seed Tea when you dont have one of our standard wash bottles.

1. Find an appropriate water or soda bottle.
Although it is possible to make tea out of most beverage bottles, some work better then others. Ideally you want a bottle with a thicker cap with more threads. This allows you to open it slightly to squeeze out the tea without the cap falling off and spilling your tea and seed. Soda caps are great because they are bigger to hold in the pressure of carbonated drinks. Most inexpensive water bottles have a cap that barley screws on, so it will likely fall off when straining your tea.

2. Measure the quantity of seed desired using a digital scale and cup.
A digital scale will help you get an exact dose. It can help you ramp up or ramp down your quantity at a very precise rate. It will also help you determine how long until your seed runs out.

3. Use a funnel to put your seed in the empty bottle.
Poppy seeds seem to get everywhere. A funnel will make it easy to fill your bottle without making a mess.

4. Add Water.
Warm water is ideal for washing the seeds. Hot or boiling water it is not ideal because it can damage the material and also the plastic bottle. Some users prefer cold water because it doesn't absorb into the seeds as fast and can reduce the amount of seed oil in the tea, but It doesn't seem to wash as well.

Add enough water so the seeds are submerged. The water level should be about 20% above the seed level. Too much water will prevent the seeds from scrubbing against each other as you shake the bottle and your tea wont be as strong. Too little water and the seeds wont get washed off.

5. Put the cap back on.
Make sure the cap is on tight. Also make sure there are no seeds in the threads of the cap, or it may not seal properly and leak as you shake.

6. Shake for 10 - 30 seconds.
Shake the bottle vigorously to wash the seeds. Do not let the seeds soak, or it will release the undesirable seed oil into your tea.

7. Loosen cap slightly and squeeze the tea out into a cup.
Unscrew the cap slightly enough so it squeezes and lets air in or out while upright. Then turn the bottle upside down and squeeze the tea into a cup. The cap should stay on and hold the seeds in while the tea strains out. After the liquid is out, tap the bottle upright against a firm surface to knock the seeds out of the cap so screws back on properly.

8. Wash the same seeds several times.
Repeat steps 4 - 7. The first wash is the most concentrated, but several rinses will help you get the most out of your seed. You can rinse your seed about 3 times, maybe up to 4 or 5 times with our stronger seed. Keep in mind the quality goes down with each rinse as the seed breaks down and releases more and more undesirable oil in the tea. Do all your washes within a short 10-20 minute time frame so the seeds don't have time to absorb the water and go bad.

9. Dispose the wet seeds and rinse your bottle.

After you wash your seeds, tap them out into the garbage and rinse out your bottle for future use.

10. Enjoy your tea!