Over Consumption Guide:

We would like to advise our customers to be careful when trying new seed. . Start with a smaller quantity and wait a while before taking more. Too much poppy seed tea will make you sick. We have put together an over-consumption guide for anyone that accidentally goes too far.

Here is what you can do to feel better in case you over-consume:

- Drink water. This can help your stomach feel better and avoid dehydration

- Eat bland foods like oatmeal, bananas, rice, wheat bread, etc. This can help your stomach feel better and absorb some of the tea.

- Get comfortable and relax in a recliner or maybe a bed with pillows and a blanket.

- Regulate your temperature. You can get hot or cold quickly and easily so adjust the thermostat and be ready with blankets and/or cool wet towels.

- Get a waterproof garbage can in case you need to purge. At a certain, point, your body may try to remove everything in the system.

- Get fresh air from a window or air conditioning vent. Fresh air and oxygen helps you feel better.

- Avoid screens and bright lights. You could be extra sensitive to light.

- Some medications can help. Sometimes you can get additional relief with head ache medications, anti nausea medications or even herbal remedies.

- If things get really bad, you may need to seek emergency medical care.

- Hang in there. Most people feel better in 24-48 hours.