Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Tea:

Here are a few tips that some users have found to be helpful in getting the most out of poppy seed tea:

1 - Try adding lemon or lime juice. The additional acidity helps to better scrub the seeds and also improves the taste. Don't add too much because the additional and regular acidity can upset your stomach

2 - Use warm water. Warm water is ideal for washing the seeds. Hot or boiling water it is not ideal because it can damage the material and also the plastic bottle. Some users prefer cold water because it doesn't absorb into the seeds as fast and can also reduce the amount of seed oil in the tea, but It doesn't seem to wash as well.

3 - Don’t blend the seeds into the tea. Everything you want is on the outside of the seeds. Blending them into your tea will only release the poor tasting oils and make the tea harder to drink.

4 - Don't let your seeds soak in the water. When your seeds soak, they absorb the water and expand and release the undesirable oils that can also upset your stomach. It is best to add the water, shake and then immediately strain the water out into a cup and then do the second wash right after.

5 - Try Consuming grapefruit juice shortly before drinking the tea. Grapefruit juice inhibits an enzyme that breaks down the alkaloids in the stomach, thus maximizing the tea’s effectiveness.

6 - Drink your tea within 36 hours. Poppy seed tea seems to be a very perishable drink. You can leave it out and drink it next day if needed, but after 2 days it will go bad and taste terrible. Refrigeration can help, but it will still only last 2 days max after being made.

7 - Ramp down your tolerance. When you consume less tea less often, it becomes stronger and more effective when you do use it. Consuming less tea can also reduce some of the negative side effects and is likely better for your overall well being.