Purpose and Investment Overview:

Investment Summary

Save lives by and make money by investing in high quality medicinal poppyseed.

Background for the need:
More the 33,000 people die each year because of opioid overdose.  About 20,000 of those deaths are from prescription opioids (pain pills) from the doctor. Pain and suffering is so great that patients are willing to take the risk. There haven't been any safer alternatives until now.

What is PoppySeed Wash?
PoppySeed Wash is the brand name for medicinal poppy seed tea. We sell  six ounces of high strength, natural, unwashed poppy seeds. They are the same species sold in grocery stores, but these seeds have been sourced specifically for their high medicinal value.

People use poppy seed tea for pain relief and as an alternative to other opioids. It helps with relaxation, anxiety and sleep. Most importantly it helps people get off traditional and illegal opioids. It helps with cravings and withdrawals. Poppy seeds are significantly safer because it is a natural food that comes from a plant instead of a chemical synthesized in a lab.

Users will use the measuring guide on the side of the bottle to determine the proper quantity of seeds for the desired dose. Then hot water is added and the user will shake the bottle and squeeze out the tea using the patent pending filter cap.

Company Background:
The company has been in operation for 3 years have sold thousands of bottles of tea. We have an office, inventory, a productive web site, a few employees, etc. 

We will be going viral with thousands of daily sales as soon as people even find out about us. We need investment to build up inventories and infrastructure to support the mass of sales that will be coming.

Positive Investment Fundamentals:
Seeds will be purchased directly from the grower at wholesale culinary food prices and sold at retail medical prices.
Poppyseed can be considered a commodity and will hold its value in an inflationary environment
High elasticity of demand. People will pay anything to avoid pain or withdrawals.
No alternatives for its medical benefits
Limited supply. There is only one harvest per year.
multi year potential shelf life

Here is how we would allocate new capital:
85% in the best bulk poppy seed we can buy (and make sure we never sell out again) (at least 20 tons)
10% Shipping from the farm
5% Refrigerated storage facility

Dont miss out on this amazing opportunity to save thousands of lives and build a multi billion dollar company. Email us ASAP so we can set up a meeting and discuss details.


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