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Summary is seeking funds to purchase several shipping containers of bulk culinary poppyseed to serve our customers.

Market Profile

Demand for poppyseed has consistently risen for years while supply has decreased resulting in significant increases in wholesale and retail prices. This trend is expected to continue for years. Poppyseed is required to make poppyseed bagels and poppyseed muffins which are staples at most bakeries. Poppyseed can also be used to make: breads, cakes, fruit and nut bars,  tea, dressings, etc. Even expired seed can be used for: oil, soaps, flower gardens, birdseed and animal feed. The real driver of poppyseed demand is poppy seed tea and this is where we specialize. Poppyseed supply is limited because there is only one crop per year and it is only produced by a limited number of countries. The highest quality poppyseed is only produced in two countries and there is no guarantee of a successful future crop.

Business Profile has specialized in the poppyseed market for the last 5 years. There are significant differences in poppyseed type and quality. We closely monitor international and retail poppyseed markets and purchase only the highest quality seed and store it in a refrigerated warehouse to maximize longevity. We bottle and package the seed in easy to use bags and bottles and sell it online at reasonable prices.

Fundamentals that make poppyseed an ideal investment.

  • Poppyseed is an alternative asset class that is not traditionally invested in so it adds greater diversification to an overall investment portfolio.

  • Poppyseed is a commodity asset so it should hold its value better than paper assets in a recessionary or inflationary environment.

  • Poppyseed has a 3 year shelf life so it holds value longer than other foods and culinary commodities.

  • There are no alternatives for its benefits

  • Poppyseed is an asset that has not been artificially inflated due to the Fed's easy money policies. It should hold its value even if those policies become unsustainable. (unlike stocks, bonds, real estate etc)

  • Poppyseed can be a hedge against a falling dollar. Poppyseed has to be imported so its value will increase if the value of the dollar falls against other currencies. 

  • Poppyseed has a low price elasticity of demand meaning that people will buy poppyseed at the same rate even if prices drastically increase. In the Fall of 2018 the poppyseed market experienced a supply pinch and we saw most competitors selling out and many at $50/pound!

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