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Summary is seeking $900,000 total ($10k min) to purchase several shipping containers of bulk culinary poppyseed at an amazing price. It will be the strongest and best tasting seed we have ever had. Demand for poppyseed has consistently risen for years while supply has decreased resulting in significant increases in wholesale and retail prices. This trend is expected to continue for years. We are purchasing the very last poppyseed available from the 2019 Austrialian harvest. It needs to be paid for and secured as soon as possible. The loan will be repaid monthly from wholesale, online and retail sales within 12-24 months with 10%+ Interest. The loan will be fully collateralized to ensure security.

Market Profile

Poppyseed demand is increasing. Poppyseed is required to make poppyseed bagels and poppyseed muffins which are staples at most bakeries. Poppyseed can also be used to make: breads, cakes, fruit and nut bars,  tea, dressings, etc. Even expired seed can be used for: oil, soaps, flower gardens, birdseed and animal feed. The real driver of poppyseed demand is poppy seed tea and this is where we specialize. Poppyseed supply is limited because there is only one crop per year and it is only produced by a limited number of countries. The highest quality poppyseed is only produced in two countries and there is no guarantee of a successful future crop.

Business Profile has specialized in the poppyseed market for the last 5 years. There are significant differences in poppyseed type and quality that are often mispriced by the market. We closely monitor international and retail poppyseed markets and purchase only the highest quality seed and store it in a refrigerated warehouse to maximize longevity. We bottle and package the seed in easy to use bottles and jars and sell it online to poppyseed tea users at about $15 per pound

Management Experience

Director of Operations - Mr Tew - Previously a stock broker specializing in international trading and arbitrage. Currently specializes in the poppyseed market and has operated for the last 5 years. 

Loan Request

We are seeking $900,000 ($10k min) to purchase the last remaining containers of poppyseed from the 2019 Australian harvest. All funds will be sent directly to our poppyseed supplier, a publicly traded company in Australia.

Loan Repayment

Funds will be repaid monthly with 10%+ Interest. The monthly loan repayment amount will be 30% of gross sales starting in October 2019 and ending when the loan plus interest is paid off. Loan is expected to be repaid within 12-24 months depending on sales. We can also agree to a fixed payment with a term of 24 months with 10%+ interest. We reserve the right to pay the loan off at any time.


100% of our poppyseed will be pledged as collateral as security for this loan. We are funding about half of this deal with our own cash so the value of the collateral will be 150%. The value of the collateral will increase upon arrival to port based on US wholesale container rates of similar grade. The value of the collateral increases even further based on our bulk retail rates.

Fundamentals that make poppyseed an ideal investment.

  • Poppyseed is an alternative asset class that is not traditionally invested in so it adds greater diversification to an overall investment portfolio.

  • Poppyseed is a commodity asset so it should hold its value better than paper assets in a recessionary or inflationary environment.

  • Poppyseed has a 3 year shelf life so it holds value longer than other foods and culinary commodities.

  • There are no alternatives for its benefits

  • Poppyseed is an asset that has not been artificially inflated due to the Fed's easy money policies. It should hold its value even if those policies become unsustainable. (unlike stocks, bonds, real estate etc)

  • Poppyseed can be a hedge against a falling dollar. Poppyseed has to be imported so its value will increase if the value of the dollar falls against other currencies. 

  • Poppyseed has a low price elasticity of demand meaning that people will buy poppyseed at the same rate even if prices drastically increase. In the Fall of 2018 the poppyseed market experienced a supply pinch and we saw most competitors selling out and many at $50/pound!


Q: How are we able to offer 10%+ interest?

A: We want to make this opportunity worth the time and money invested. We sell the seed for more than double the price we pay for it so there is enough margin to offer the higher than average interest rate. 

Q: Why don't you go to a regular bank?

A: Time. Our seed supplier didn't think they would have any inventory left until just last week. We need to get funds to them immediately to secure the seed. The underwriting process for a small business takes weeks at traditional banking institutions.

Q: What are some of the potential risks? (and our plan to mitigate them)

A: Market risk /price decline (market would have to drop by more than half  before we sell it at cost. We could wait up to 3 years for better selling conditions)

Regulatory risk (We would sell the seed before any policy changes take place or sell the seed in another country)

Physical risk / damage, fire, water, theft etc ( maintain insurance and store the seed at multiple locations)

Management risk / death / incapacitation (Family or other partners would continue the business OR sell all inventory at wholesale rates, repay loans and wind down)

Q: What can be done to confirm the legitimacy of this offer and the parties involved?

A: You would send the funds directly to our seed supplier. They are a publicly traded company in Australia and you can independently verify them and their wiring instructions. You would also have access to: invoices, sales contracts, operation agreements, shipping manifest and dates, our online sales data, our shipping software, etc. You can come see our office, see our processes, talk with our employees, visit our warehouse and see our existing seed, etc.

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