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I am kind of a hippie and don't really trust all the chemicals and pharmaceuticals out there that companies and doctors are always trying to sell.  I prefer natural substances that god made. The problem is that most “natural” remedies like elm bark, tumeric, passion flower, twigs, leaves and newt eye don't really work. I love Poppy Seed Wash because it is all natural, organic and it actually works!   Paul B.   LA, CA

The poppy seed tea is kinda bitter so I took the advice of adding a lime. big difference! - Ashley L.  Murray, UT

I love Poppy Seed Wash! I don't know how I would make it through the day without it! -Adam H. West Valley City, UT

I was online and came across these poppy seeds. We gave them a try and were quite surprised when they worked. My wife was happy making me happy. - Garrett J.   San Diego, CA

My favorite thing to do is drink a bottle of poppy seed wash and then smoke the herb. They are an amazing combo! Thanks PSW! -Jordan F.  Colorado Springs, CO

I tried your poppy stuff, but I thought you were supposed to drink all the seeds. It was like swallowing sand. I got about a quarter of the way through until I read the bottle. It was not pleasant on the other end the next day.  -Shane   Santa Fe, NM

I used to buy seeds at the grocery store to make poppy seed tea, but they always had this weird spice taste. I also had to use a ton of them because they were not very strong. They made a huge mess as I worked in my kitchen like a mad scientist making my brew. Your poppy seeds are stronger, cheaper and less messy than the store seeds. Keep it up!   -Chad J. Salt Lake City, UT

Hello, ...My older brother gave me a bottle to try. It made me sick to my stomach, but it eventually faded after I ate some food. I guess I took too much, but I slept like a baby that night.   -Steve R. Bountiful, UT